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Experienced Assessors

We make sure that we are completely transparent with our clients.


We make sure that you are completely comfortable, so that you get your desired outcome.


We make sure that we have found the best option for you at the best price.


We make sure that we come to you and that we never make you feel that you have been messed about.


What OSN offers and why it offers it?

We recognise that there is a massive skills shortage within the construction industry and we pride ourselves on delivering speedy and coherent assessments carried out by our highly experienced NVQ assessors with decades worth of knowledge in the comfort of your workplace/site so you will not have to take a day off work.

There is a lot of bad practices when it comes  to the delivery of NVQ and people claiming this and that including people being scammed out of their hard earned money and just a general lack of information for you the customer before you make the decision to pay and that is where One Stop NVQ’s Ltd comes in,  we are 100% honest and upfront and take the delivery of NVQ’s extremely seriously, so give us a ring today to discuss anything NVQ related were are happy to help in any way possible

Why should a customer choose OSN?

The reason that you should only consider OSN because we get the job done with no hassle and our pricing is competitive. We help you take the next step in your career.

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Intelligent Customer Service

We make sure that we make sure that you feel comfortable knowing that we are coming to you, to help you take the next step in your career.


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